February 22, 2005

Write On

Writing It Up Posted by Hello

Dear Diary... Once upon a time there lived a woman who wanted to write. She wrote several stories but they were disjointed and vague. She longed to write a captivating story that people fell in love with. She wanted to become a household name, like Stephen King, only without the macabre connotations. She built a website, yet they did not come. She started a blog and though they read it, they did not interact. A friend started a writers' group....finally a step in the right direction!

So one day, this woman started another blog in the hopes that people would come and not only read her stories but want to to add to them with their own ideas. This blog was called "Imagination Overload" because this woman was hoping that people's imaginations would explode, er, overload with fresh new ideas. It started out slow but eventually word spread and soon many people visited and helped write stories.

Then the woman came up with another brilliant idea - she started a writers' group with a good friend of hers called Scribes at Work. People pushed and shoved each other to stand in line to join. The group received oodles of submissions. The group was soon comprised of only the best and most serious of writers. The co-founders were estatic.They recruited trusted members to help expand the group and it became the most sought after writers' group in the world. They were soon able to charge a fee to join.

People were happy and danced in the streets. Women started talking nice to their husbands again, children didn't complain about homework and men ate hot, homemade meals (as opposed to nuked dinners). World leaders got wind of this extraordinary blog and became hooked on the positive messages and intriguing stories and they realized that we're all human beings and since we have to share this great Earth of ours, we might as well get along. World peace ensued and everyone lived happily ever after.

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? :-)

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