February 24, 2005

Lip Sync Queen

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I'm this man. No wait, that didn't come out right. I'm a female version of this man. :-)

Music gets me MOVING! If I'm feeling particularly reluctant to clean house (and it has to be REALLY bad because anyone who knows me knows that I HATE cleaning house) then I crank up the music. In no time at all, those nasty chores have been done.

I really do dance when I clean house. (Ask my family) And I look ridiculous, but heck! I'm having fun! I love the pop/techno sound the most. When I'm feeling tired or need a pick-me-up, I crank up the dance music. It really energizes me. That's the kind of music I put on my Rio, techno rhythms to get my body moving at the gym. (Word of advice - never, ever, rely on the music at the gym to help you work out. Talk about a downer!)

I usually crank it REALLY loud when I'm by myself in the car, too. (Which isn't often, I might add). My favorites at this time? Hoobastank (LOVE THOSE GUYS) and now Switchfoot.

Switchfoot reminds me a little of U2, only better. *grin* They have a few slow songs that I listen to over and over. In fact, one of their songs has inspired a story (look for that upcoming story on my
Imagination Overload blog). It's amazing how soothing music is. I can lean back, close my eyes, listen to some great tunes and ideas just pop into my head so fast I barely have time to record them all.

I can understand why Kevin loves music so much - it's life's natural high. He's so incredibly gifted, too. He amazes me with how he can listen to a song, and then just play it! He's a natural. He used to be in a rock band, back in his younger days; He misses it. He misses the adrenaline that came with the groupies, the creativity required to come up with different licks, and he misses the incredible people he knew in that time period of his life. If you're interested in his music, stop by his
site. He's working on new songs now.

When I listen to music in my car, I turn into this sexy, pulsating, energetic vixen who's been transported into a different life. I usually picture myself in the middle of a music video, striking those sexy poses. The only difference is, I'm fully clothed. (I heard that collective sigh of relief out there). For just a moment, I'm someone else and it's fun to fantasize a whole new life.

Music makes my heart beat a little faster, makes my blood flow a little quicker and a surge of pure adrenaline courses throughout my body. I have no idea why I respond to certain music this way, but it's an exhilarating experience when it does happen.

I remember one time, I was on my way to meet Kevin for lunch, and I was singing my heart out. (Note the windows were closed, this time. There have been times I've had them open and probably sounded like a cat with its tail caught in a doorway to a passerby). Not just the singing, but the chair dancing routine came with it. I was squirming and gyrating as much as I safely could while maneuvering traffic. I especially get worked up on the highway. Long stretch of road, the increased speed - it's almost like flying, only with a metal protective shell around me.

This guy pulls up next to me. You know how sometimes, on the highway, a car comes alongside you, going the same speed and you have to look over at them. It's just something instinctive. Well, I look over, still singing mind you, and he grins at me. I grin back.

And kept right on singing.

By this point, I'm really worked up and couldn't care less. My luck, he and I would have been going to the same place and I would have to face him, stone cold songless.

So if you're driving around one day and you see me in my car head banging and moving my mouth as if I'm singing, rest assured, I'll come back down to Earth sooner or later.

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