February 04, 2005

Superwoman to the Rescue

Blowing gracefully Posted by Hello

Being sick is bad enough, being mom and sick is a crisis.

Life doesn't stop for a head cold.

I'm not sick very often, but when I come down with something, it's usually a doosey. I hate being sick. Not for the "my head feels like someone has taken a crowbar to my scalp and is slowing prying it apart" reasons, but because life doesn't stop because I don't feel well.

Don't get my wrong, my family is very sympathetic - the kids will bring me drinks and pat my shoulder for comfort, Kevin will cook dinner and take care of the kids for the evening, I'm talking mainly about the daytime. I still have to get up, get cleaned up (a shower usually makes me feel better), take the kids to school, take care of urgent emails and updates (and there's always more than usual on days I'm not feeling well) and of course, having to get back out (because inevitably it's cold and miserable on those days as well) to pick up the kids. Then it's time to swallow my physical discomforts and concentrate on the boys because afterall, it's not their fault I'm not feeling well and their homework won't simply disappear (though I really wish it would at times).

Mom's can't afford to be sick. Life can slow down, but it can't stop. It's just not possible. It's different for men. They can call into work, stay in bed all day and don't have to worry about the kids, mom can rearrange her schedule and take care of them. But when you're a stay-at-home mom and your husband slaves away all day, there's no one left to take care of the tasks that must be done, except me.

I'm not complaining, per se, I'm just reminding those men out there (no, not my husband because trust me, he knows *smile*) that being a woman is tougher than being a man. A woman has to put up with a LOT of physical discomforts, usually on a monthly basis (and ladies, you know that time ALWAYS coincides with times you've caught a cold, etc.). It's frustrating. I don't LIKE feeling bad, but I'm human and when I do, I think I have the right to grumble, at least a little.

I'm not superwoman, though I wish I could be. There are days when I'm simply not feeling well and it's tough pretending otherwise so life can continue on as usual. There are days when I feel so rotten it's literally an effort wake up. But tough - life goes on.

I guess my point is this: is it any wonder that women are occasionally cranky?

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Wino McHackenpuke said...

I sometimes wonder whether or not it's REALLY tougher to be a woman than it is being a man. Perhaps if men could live a few days in a woman's shoes they'd have everything under control?

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You have a nice site. :)