February 09, 2005

Is Love Worth It?

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I have to admit, I'm hooked. This is a picture of
The Bachelorette and one of the three finalists. I'm rooting for this guy, but I suspect she will pick the cutest of the bunch, Jerry (though I don't know, Ryan and that dimple).

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's a reality TV show on ABC. It airs Monday nights and I totally love it.

Kevin and I watch it together and I think he's as hooked as I am. It's fun to sit there and analyze who's going to make it to the next level and yet at the same time, it's sort of like watching a horror show, you can't believe the people on this show have willingly subjected themselves to this.

How is it possible to to find the "one" for you while millions of people watch? Talk about putting pressure on the relationship.

I like Jen. I tried not to, she's so cute and perky, but I do. She seems really down to earth, intelligent and articulate. I really want to see her end up with someone who is good to her. She went through the grueling process on The Bachelor, but it didn't work out (surprise). So she knows what it's like to be picked apart and left for the vultures to snack on.

I have to wonder, though, the real reason for these shows. The people who appear are all attractive, smart, financially well off (or at least have good jobs),; in a nutshell, they aren't losers. Surely, in real life, they could get any woman (or man in Jen's case). Why go through this humiliating process? Is it for publicity? (Which I suspect is Jerry's real reason for doing this). Or are they really hoping to find the woman of their dreams?

Isn't it funny what people will do to find love? A basic, elemental ingredient to happiness and yet so elusive for many.

The last Bachelor show featured one of our homegrown guys, Aaron Burgee. (forgive me if I misspelled his last name). A banker and quite cute. One of the tellers that worked there nominated him for the show. Of course, the woman he picked out was all wrong for him and it didn't last. I would be curious to hear his thoughts on the process and if he thought it was worth it.

Is love worth enduring public scrutiny and humiliating moments? Is it worth opening your heart and inviting any who are interested to stomp on it?

What do you think?

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