March 11, 2005

A Word From Our Sponsor

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We interrupt this blog to bring you a word from our sponsor.

Designing Websites With You In Mind

Do you need a website? Someplace people can go to learn more about you, your family, or your business? I can help!

All you have to do is answer a few short, easy questions; I'll take care of the rest. Not sure how to buy a domain name or web space? I can help! Whether you're an individual, a small company, or a large corporation, I can help you build a website you'll be proud of!

Need to give an existing website a facelift? No problem! We'll rework the site and make it better than ever.

Don't know how to maintain the site? Don't have the time to update? Let me know! I'll be happy to keep your site supplied with fresh material that will keep your readers coming back again and again!

Attention writers! It's more important than EVER to have your own website. Editors, publishers, and even fans, need and want to know more about you. Having a website gets your work out there and it's a great self-promoting tool!

Not sure you need a full-blown site? What about just a page? No problem! We can set up a customized page that reflects your writing style and personality right on the Scribes at Work's website! Owning a page on the Scribes at Work's website will cost you a FRACTION of what it would cost to purchase your own web space.

Want to learn more? Please visit my professional site at www.take2max/karen or email me at! Start promoting yourself today!

Have other documentation needs? Please visit the services section of my website to find out more!

Thank you for tuning in and now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

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