March 18, 2005

Let's Kill Each Other for Fun

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What is it about boys and wrestling?

Our boys have never really been aggressive. I mean, they have moments, but for the most part, they are pretty docile.

So imagine my surprise when I walk in one Saturday morning and they are in a headlock.

And growling.

And sound like they mean it.

It ended up they were playing after all, but I was surprised they started goofing around like that. It's like they turned into cavemen overnight.

Is it the testosterone? Is it an instinct deeply imbedded in the fibre of their being that makes them behave like animals?

I walk in. Limbs are locked and their breathing heavy. Their faces are red and they're sweating. And yet, they don't stop. They are taking a breather before round two. I sincerely don't understand it.

But then again, why do women obsess over shoes?

I suppose it's a fundamental difference between men and women - women want to nurture, men want tear things into shreds. It's the way God made us - who am I to ask why?

This aggressive behavior becomes more prevalent as they get older. I especially noticed a difference in Blake. Blake is twelve and hormones are starting to race. He's noticing girls, he's more conscious of how he presents himself (does my breath stink, mom? thinks there is a girl in the equation somewhere).

Is he trying to prove something by being physically aggressive? It's not just the physical, either. It's the mental. The tough talk, the back talk, the swagger as he walks (it's kind of cute, really). It's like he's morphing into someone else. Where did my baby go?

And does this mean my youngest, Brandon, will start this behavior sooner because he sees big brother doing it?

Lord help me.

I suppose wrestling is only the tip of the iceberg. A warning, of sorts, of all the things they will wrestle with as they slam into the teenage years.

Perhaps this is a physical warning that I should brace myself for more battles to come.

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Dana said...

Hey Karen,
Love your blog! I have two boys too and even though they are a little younger than yours, I have seen the same signs. They wrestle more on the livingroom floor. They argue more. My oldest has confessed he has a crush on a girl in his grade, bless his heart. Sigh. My babies are growing up.

I look forward to reading your blog more often.