January 25, 2005

Writing Tells A Lot About You

Alphabet soup for the word deficient. Posted by Hello

Sticks and stones may hurt me, but words never will.


Language is actually very powerful. Words have the power to evoke nearly every emotion known. They even have the power to kill.

Physical wounds heal over time; mental wounds leave scars that often times, never fully recover.

The written word is even more powerful. Speaking, the words dissolve, disintegrate from our memories; the spoken word is forgotten to those few who were there to hear it. But the written word will stick around for years, it can't be taken back, many people will interpret the meaning behind the words incorrectly.

So if the written word is so potent, why don't people take more care in what they write? Whether you want to admit it or not, writing is a direct indication of your intelligence and it often tells people a lot about you.

For example: Have you ever read the book reviews on Amazon.com? I get tickled reading them. First off, the tone behind most of the reviews is one of arrogance. *Ahem* "I have read this book and even though I'm no expert, it doesn't appear the author knows what they are talking about." And you do?? Next comes the misspelled words. Most of the people who write the reviews with misspelled words are impulsive, rash, and conceited. The reviews that have a ton of misspelled words are written by passionate people, they felt strongly enough to give their two cents worth and yet they were conceited enough to simply hit the "submit" button without proofreading. If they aren't conceited, then they are certainly lazy.

Why would I trust a person's review/opinion who can't even spell "reveiw" right?

Whether you want to admit it or not, people judge you by the way you write. That's why it's so important to write, revise and PROOF your writing.

Do you see that button in the top right-hand corner of my page? "Next Blog." Do me a favor, hit that button, scan through a few blogs and count the number of misspelled words. What is your opinion of the people who wrote them? I rest my case.

*Disclaimer: I reserve the right to be human and I will say up front, I will make mistakes. But rest assured, they are mistakes due to oversight, not because of arrogance or laziness.

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