January 26, 2005

Paper or Plastic?

I feel absolutely ridiculous! Posted by Hello

Believe it or not, this is a from a REAL Paris fashion show.

How does a person eat with that thing on? What if you had to sneeze or blow your nose (though I suppose you could just casually pat your nose and the material from the bag would take care of the rest). What if you wanted to kiss someone? And let's not forget that little insignificant thing called breathing. (Could a claustrophobic wear one?)

I suppose having a bag over your head would have some advantages; you could go without makeup and no one would be able to tell. You wouldn't have to kiss anyone. And it would definitely take care of those bad hair days.

Would it be a fashion statement? More like a faux pas. Though it wouldn't surprise me to see the "hipper" women on the east and west coast sporting these bags on their bleached blonde heads in the next few years. Crazier things have happened. Us good ole women in the Ozarks? Give us a pair of Levis and hiking boots and we're set.

Women have always had to make sacrifices for fashion. Men want us to look sexy, which is fine, but why do all the sexy clothes have to be so gosh-darn uncomfortable? To be deemed sexy, it must be tight. Wearing tight clothing is NOT comfortable. Not just because it constricts breathing and cuts off circulation but because it shows every little bump and protrusion from our bodies. That, in turn, makes us self-conscious for the whole day and you might as well forget going to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

And why does "sexy" clothing have to be 'dry-clean' only? This doesn't fly for a gal who's idea of ironing is throwing the article of clothing in the dryer for ten minutes.

I vote we start making sweats pants and tunic tops sexy. What do ya say, girls? Girls?

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