January 28, 2005

Don't Read This Entry

Lemony Snicket looks morose Posted by Hello

If I were you, I would click the "Next Blog" button right now and move on. There's really no sense in sticking around and reading this entry. You would probably have more fun mopping the floors, solving algebra problems or my personal favorite, scrubbing toilets. This entry will probably bore you - it certainly won't make your day. I'm sure you would rather visit the Merriam Webster website and learn about the word of the day or better yet, visit BoingBoing and learn about all things wonderful.

However, if you're feeling particularly blah and can't decide on whether it will be a good day or a bad day, then stick around, at least this entry will distract you from life's problems.

Lemony Snicket recently made an appearance at my son Blake's school. He selected 50 students at random and graciously hosted a luncheon where he answered their questions. One lucky student was picked to give him an interview. Guess who that lucky student was?

Blake was pretty nervous at first. But Snicket, true to the overall theme of his books, calmly sat and cleaned the dirt from under his fingernails, and acted totally oblivious to my son's shaky voice. He answered his questions and even offered some insights about his feelings on his wildly successful "Series of Unfortunate Events" books as an added bonus.

After obtaining answers to his questions, Blake then proceeded to write an interview. His teacher was so impressed she gave him an A+ and she read it to the class. (He begged her not to mention his name - he hates being the center of attention. I wonder where he gets that trait?)

Maybe I'm raising a future journalist?

P.S. Lemony Snicket didn't really come to their school but it was a cool segway, don't ya think? *grin* But Blake did write this interview and he did get an A+ and class recognition. What can I say? I'm a proud momma. By the way, you need Adobe Reader on your computer to read his interview.

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