January 27, 2005

Related to a Genius

Brother Jones' Artwork Posted by Hello

And now on to some happy homefront news: My nephew Keegan has won a Favorite Website Award! (FWA).

The people behind these awards can be found at their website,
Favorite Website Awards. They were established in 2000 with the sole intent of recognizing outstanding design and creative aspects of new websites. FWA has been listed as one of the top award programs, "one of the elite." This is quite an honor! Their criteria is listed on their website, but in a nutshell, the site must go through "an initial evaluation in all areas of the criteria." Assuming it passes muster at this level, the site then graduates to the next level where it must end up scoring a 90 or above in order to win the "FWA One Award."

In other words, the selection process is brutal.

The site was judged on:
design - 40%
navigation - 25%
content - 15%
graphics - 15%
personality - 5%

Keegan is almost seventeen years old. Yes, you read correctly. He's smart as a whip and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. This kid has a REAL future ahead of him. And I'm proud to call him nephew!

Check out the winning site,
www.brotherjones.com when you get the chance. Stick around, I'm sure there will be more great sites created by Keegan!

Congratulations Keegan!

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Thanks for your kind words!