June 05, 2005

Sunday Brunch

Jason Love is one of my favorites! Want to read more? Visit his site!

A lot of good-looking faces are wasted on ugly people.

Daytime t.v. is incentive to get a job.

Altruism is when our selfishness benefits someone else.

All bad things must come to an end, too.

The real world is a figment of our lack of imagination.

It’s a thin line between genius and moron.

Only one diet has ever worked: exercise.

I chose the pass less traveled, but only because I was lost.

Paper is pretty cheap. Unless you’re a tree.

Some people don’t have the discipline to take a break.

We are what we meant to be.

A story is rewritten every time it’s read.

Never trade gibes with a comedian — they can remember faster than you
can create.

The only thing certain about our To Do list is that it will never be To

Life would be exhausting if it were a musical.

God speaks to us in hunches.

I post pictures everyday here.

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