June 01, 2005

Ho-Hum Day

Dragging the computer games away from the kids is not easy.

Though if I left it up to them, they would play them 24/7. To prevent them from turning into total geeks (like the people you see at a game exchange store…..*shudder* ) I have to set limits on how much time they play. They can play in the mornings (and get up at 7:00 a.m. each morning so they won’t miss a minute of play time – talk about die hards!) until lunch time when they have to physically leave their computers, eat lunch and then find something else to do. They usually end up going outside, tossing the baseball back and forth to each other, ride their bikes, draw, read or just goof off like kids need to do nowadays.

Then, at about 4:00 p.m., they are allowed to go back to their computers and play until bedtime.

That’s one thing I can say for our boys, when they get something in their heads, they WILL NOT LET IT GO! I suppose that’s a good trait, unless they are obsessing about something bad and then it could become a problem.

So today, I yanked them off the computer, fixed them chicken fried rice for lunch (don’t be too impressed, it was one of those frozen jobbers), and we headed out to KOLR 10 to pick up a tape. I convert these VHS bits into a Windows Media File and then post them on the Wendy’s of Missouri website. Wendy’s helps the community by showcasing Missouri children who need a home. I’m quite honored to be a part of their program. If anyone is interested in learning more about adoption, foster care or would like to adopt a child, please visit their site. There’s nothing more rewarding than giving a lonely child a good home.

After that, we went to Sears to try and find AB some new swim trunks. I can’t believe how fast that kid is growing! He will definitely be taller than me (and I’m 5’10!) by the time he hits senior year.

On the way to Sears, we saw the most interesting thing: a guy and a girl in a red pickup truck, signing to each other. In fact, the guy, who was also driving, was being quite animated with his signing and his facial expressions were earnest and pointed. I purposefully stayed behind and to the right of him because after all, it’s hard enough to talk on the cell phone and drive at the same time, let alone trying to talk with your hands. He made me really nervous. But it was interesting to watch him as he swerved precariously back and forth the two miles to Sears.

I couldn’t find a single swim trunk at Sears. Talk about annoying. I had gone there to begin with because I had a 15% off coupon that I was planning on using. Now I see why they issue those coupons, because when you receive them, you leave Sears with a warm fuzzy feeling thinking you’ll save money the next time you’re there. But when you visit the next time, they don’t have anything you need so the coupon is worthless. Talk about a sham.

So, we headed to my all-time trusty, never-lets-me-down store, Kohls. Sure enough, they had tons of swim trunks to choose from. AB selected a fiery red and orange pair. It was hard to find a pair that didn’t showcase skull and crossbones. What’s up with all of these dragons/monsters/skull looking stuff for young boys nowadays?

My second mission was to try and find BJ some shorts. No easy task considering he’s right smack dab in the middle of the stage where he’s too big for 7X’s and too small for 8’s. So I ended up buying him nothing because I couldn’t find him something that wasn’t either cutting off his circulation or literally falling off his hips. BJ is going into the 5th grade and he still doesn’t fit into an eight. He needs to grow!

That’s about it for today. Nothing too exciting, just your run-of-the-mill sort of everyday ho-hum.

Stay tuned for another exciting episode tomorrow when I wrack my brain for something else to keep them occupied the four hours between computer games. *sigh*

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