September 08, 2005

Snarky Parents

Thursday – 10:26 a.m.

I love this time of year.

No wait, I hate it.

Well, actually, I love and hate it.

I love the weather. I love how the wind turns crisp, how the shadows lengthen, how the days take on a hazy, yellowish tint, how the air smells sweet with decaying leaves and of course, the changing trees.

I hate the weather. One word: Ragweed.

I don’t have allergies, except for this one month of the year. My eyes water ALL DAY LONG, I sneeze my head off and my body aches as if saying, “Hey! What’s going on up there in the head region? Whatever it is, stop it already! You’re making us miserable!”

And God help me, we’re going camping in a few weeks.

When we first started talking about digging our pop-up out of the back yard (it’s been a few years since we’ve been camping) and planned to go to Branson in September, I never even stopped to think, “Wait. This is a BAAAAD time of year for me.”

No, instead I enthusiastically agreed and we made the reservations. Now I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve lost my mind. I can already tell you it’s going to be terrible. Not the actual camping experience, but being outside virtually the whole weekend and being drugged out of my mind to try and stop the fountain of mucus that seems to endlessly flow out of nowhere (now there’s a pretty picture).

Game Dude is usually as miserable as I am. We’re so much alike (hence our fireworks). Mushroom King has a stuffy nose right now, but I really think it’s because of a cold. His allergies attack in the spring. Music Man is also suffering, but I don’t think his is because of ragweed.

We should buy stock in Kleenex.

So, it’s safe to say I’m not feeling 100%. I probably won’t be feeling back to “normal” until October.

Here’s a little word of advice: DON’T GET ON MY NERVES.

Unfortunately, this lady wasn’t paying attention.

I received this snarky little email this morning:

Our children do not attend [insert name of school] - Thank Goodness - and I do not care about activities at [insert name of school]. Please remove our names from all lists at your institution. Thank you.


What the? School has only been in session for two weeks. Do I detect a note of bitterness?

The reason I even received this email is because in one of my many insane moments, I volunteered to write a weekly email to parents at Mushroom King’s school. I send these emails every Thursday to remind parents of what’s coming up, etc. Last year’s PTA president suggested it because a lot of parents don’t bother to read the mountain of papers that come home with their child every day. *cough*

To be fair, most of the feedback has been very positive. I think most people appreciate the reminders.

However, apparently this woman did not. I don’t know what ticked her off, but apparently it was so bad that they decided to move out of the district.

Good riddance.

If I’ve learned anything from my volunteer years it’s this:

There is no way, on God’s green earth, that you can please everyone. So stop trying and do the job to the best of your ability.

Man, I feel sorry for teachers for having to put with rude, snarky, hateful parents.

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