September 12, 2005

Feed Your Brain Some Good Old Fashion Fiction!

Ok, this is too freaking cool - I found this on BoingBoing this morning (which by the way, I HIGHLY recommend reading on a daily basis, they talk about and point to some really awesome sites!)

LibriVox is a blog devoted to podcasting public domain books. The first book they are showcasing is The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad. The e-text to The Secret Agent can be found here. These books can be found at Project Gutenberg. In a nutshell, LibriVox is asking for volunteers out there in cyber world to read a chapter (or two) from these books via Podcast.
From LibriVox:

Public domain books + volunteer readers + podcast = Librivox. Starting this
week, LibriVox will try to bring people together to record a chapter of a
well-known book, which will then be distributed over the internet. Or, in the
group’s words: “LibriVox is an open source audio-literary attempt to harness the
power of the many to record and disseminate, in podcast form, books from the
public domain.”

Considering I’m an audiobook junkie (ok, just a book junkie period) I’m totally diggin’ this idea. In fact, I’m seriously thinking about reading a chapter myself, if I can figure out this whole Podcasting thing (hey, I said I was a geek, I didn’t say I was a SMART geek).
Anyway, I just listened to an excerpt from chapter one - very cool. Regular Joes and Janes reading online, sweet! Don’t have time to listen to it at home? Load it on your iPod and take it with you.

I’m totally loving this idea. Check it out! And don’t give me crap about not having time, EVERYONE has down time at some point in their day. Here’s an idea, instead of turning on the boob tube, boot up your iPod and listen to some classic fiction.

Feed your brain! :D

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