July 07, 2005

Summer's Half Over

Thanks for reading about our Sanibel vacation. If anyone missed the diary entries, please go the “Sanibel Vacation” category located in the right-hand column.

It’s good to be back. As I mentioned (in a sidenote) in one of my entries, my writers’ group has disbanded. I’m more relieved than sad, quite frankly. My Outlook hasn’t been dinging every five minutes!! Now that I have more time…wait….did I just say those words? “Have more time?” I think I’ll just step back and savor those words for a moment……

Ok, I’m back.

I’ve revamped my creative writing site if anyone is interested in hopping over there for a visit. In a nutshell, I’ve made a section for my ongoing stories based on writing prompts. I had started this “experiment” over at Scribes shortly before we pulled the plug. In essence, these ongoing stories are exercises that warm me up to work on my novel and short story. On my creative writing site, I’ve also included: past stories, author info, fun stuff for writers, and my portfolio which will list my current progress on my current writing projects as well as submission and rejection info. This site won’t change on a daily basis (well, the fun stuff for writers will) but it will change so please check back once in a while.

I went to the bookstore today and picked up A Little Change of Face by Lauren Baratz-Logsted. Baratz-Logsted (what a mouthful!) is the guest chick at www.literarychicks.com. I read this blog on a daily basis and this author caught my attention. I thought her blog entry comparing chick-lit to shoes was clever. Anyway, I’ll let you know what I thought about it. I’m beginning to like chick-lit more and more. It really appeals to my sense of humor and it also appeals to my writing style (whatever that may be at this point). Maybe I should seriously look into writing something in that genre.

Fouth of July was good. We went over to the in-laws Sunday night and shot off the crackers we bought (a burgeoning tradition) and then Monday night we parked at a dentist’s office (along with the other half of Springfield) and mooched off the country club’s fireworks display. We had a good time though. We didn’t have to fight the crowds and we were home within 15 minutes, as opposed to 2 hours.

The 4th of July holiday is the halfway point for the boys; summer is officially half over. I can’t believe they will be starting back to school in about six weeks! I’m sort of ready for them to go back…but not yet. Ask me again after we go shoe shopping.

We’re off to catch some rays!

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Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Karen, thanks for buying my book - I hope you enjoy it!