July 08, 2005

London Bombs

London, we can empathize.

This bit by Eric Zorn’s guest blogger, Rex Huppke, really struck home.

What do we do now?

It seemed inevitable terrorists would strike again, would spill the
blood of innocent people, would find a way to show this “war” against them has
not been won. Sure enough, they did it, shook the city of London with four
coordinated explosions that tore the bodies of 40 people apart and injured
hundreds of others. It rattles any sane person. Tough or not, you’re forced stop
and think.

So how do we react?

Bastards. Let’s steel our resolve to root them out.

Cowards. How can they do this in the name of anybody’s god?

Devils. How can we ever stop an enemy like this.

Fools. No doubt they’re fools, but what do we do now?

We’ve gone after them. We’ve swept through a country in the name of
defending our homeland. But did any of us think for a minute something like this
wouldn’t happen again?

Honestly, for me, no. I hadn’t thought about terrorists attacking other parts of the world because for some reason, I had it in my head that Iraq hated us and us alone. I think now that’s an arrogant point of view. Why just us? Iraq is bent on forcing their religious beliefs on the world, not just us, why wouldn’t they attack other “sinful” (their opinion, not mine) nations?

This comment by a California resident really steamed my broccoli:

I am a U.S. citizen in California reading this blog (and Europhobia) and I
must say that even though I detest George Bush and consider him unfit as a
leader, I suspended all of that opinion just to listen to the man and what he
had to say today. I became aware that I finally understood where he might be
coming from in terms of his policies. Prior to today, I just couldn’t fathom his

For reasons unknown to me, I have been more affected by the terrorist
attacks today in London, than I was by 9/11 in my own country.

I feel so very badly for the Londoners, their families and the human
toll this has taken today.

I can’t believe it takes another country’s tragedy to wake this person up! What is WRONG with people?? Why would this person be more affected by neighboring countries’ tragedies than by what’s happening on our own native soil? Why are people so willing to empathize with other people and yet ignore/ridicule/reject the vicitms in their backyard?

Reading the accounts of people who were there, the timeline of the event and one individual’s account of surviving the terrorists’ attacks makes my heart ache. Why are people so cruel? Why are so many people weak-minded and willing to accept evil in their lives? The people who attacked London have cut their noses off to spite their faces - this will only make more of the world understand our (Americans) reasons of why we are in Iraq to begin with - why chase these people all over the world when we can squash their attempts on their native soil?


Here’s an anonymous comment I found on the M.A.W.B Squad blog -

I am not happy what happened in London today.

BUT! At the same time in Bagdad (Irak) were also killed 40 peoples in
bomb attack. Nobody is giving his condolences to the people of Irak an the
family of the killed peoples in that country.
When You look to these differences between the victims in Bagdad and London You will understand why these heappened to the peoples in London!

Let’s recap - WHO STARTED THE ATTACKS AGAIN?? I thought so.

I began this rant with a quote from Rex Huppke and I’ll end it with a quote from the man as well:

Our hearts have to go out to the British. We know too well the unfamiliar
emotions that will now creep into their minds, the naked feeling of having your
security stripped away.
And we must prepare for an onslaught of opinions and
questions about whether we’ve made the world better, or whether we’ve made it

So here we are, left, every one of us — the British, nations the world
over, us — to ask the same question we were asking the day U.S. jetliners became
missiles and changed the world:

What do we do now?

What in the hell do we do now?

Indeed….now what?

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