May 11, 2005

I'm a Trouble Maker

Let me ask you something - Do I have the words “trouble maker” tatooed on my forehead? Look closely - it’s gotta be there cause that’s the only reason I can think of of why I’m being singled out at the library.

Every time I go to the library, ok, not every time, but pretty much every dang time, I have an elderly and/or extremely ugly woman stop by my table, smile politely and say in soft, but firm tones,

“You’re not supposed to have drinks in this area. Only in the meeting rooms.”

“You’re not supposed to have drinks in this area, only in the main area (gestures with bony fingers toward the area I normally sit in) over there.”


“This area is for our young adults. When they get out of school (it’s 11:00 a.m. at this time and the kids ARE in school and obviously the area is NOT being used) it will become pretty noisy and I would hate for them to disturb you.”

Read between the lines: “Get out of my area.”


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