April 14, 2005

Criminal at Large

We have a criminal at large somewhere in Hicksville.

It happened on Battlefield road. I was coming home from my lunch with my husband on Battlefield and heading west. I was stuck in a LONG line of cars just before the big hill. Suddenly, I caught a flash of movement in the corner of my eye. Looking over, I noticed a speeding car (and when I say speeding, I mean he was going FAST) in the lane next to me. Remember, I’m at a standstill. This car is going close to 100 mph, ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!

Talk about freaked out. Cars coming east had to swerve to miss the guy. Horns were blaring, tires were screeching. Not two seconds after the car going the wrong way on a one-way street passed, a cop car zoomed by with his sirens blaring.

What happened next was straight out of movie. I swear, five cop cars came out of nowhere. As if on cue, they followed the initial cop car up the hill after the speeding car. I have no idea where all of these cars came from; they suddenly materialized. It was weird.

I held my breath as the speeding car, and the police officer close on his bumper, sped over the top of the hill. The people coming down that hill wouldn’t have seen them coming at them until the last possible moment and indeed, a red van turned sharply to the right and ran over the curb to get out of their way.

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